Is this Prop Art?

Above: There is no authority but yourself (Enamel paint on steel and composition board).

  • Did someone get distracted and forget to hang this up?

Melbourne artist and experimental musician Marco Fusinato was born in 1964. His interests include political and artistic radicalism.

  • Much of his work adopts a punk approach or anti-art sensibility as seen in this group of monochromes which were first exhibited in 1996 at Melbourne’s 200 Gertrude Street (now Gertrude Contemporary). Painted quickly, using cheap everyday materials found readily in his studio, these paintings reveal Fusinato’s interest in speed and seriality and in challenging preconceived ideas about art; while his use of red alludes to a career-long investigation into the history of far-left politics in Italy.

As a teenager Fusinato was influenced by the punk movement. After the punk movement dissolved, he became more interested in experimental music, primarily the free-improvised noise side of it. This leads to what still influences and inspires him today – radical politics. The works Fusinato makes usually come from material he has been collecting and archiving for long periods of time.

  • His recent exhibitions have drawn on his personal archive of radical political pamphlets (Noise and Capitalism 2010); avant–garde music scores (Mass Black Implosion 2008); and grainy newspaper photographs of political protesters (Double Infinitive 2009).

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“Is It Art?”

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