Art or Rubbish? – It’s all Garbage to me

[Above: Uniformity by Emmerson Daniels –  (2017).  Synthetic polymer paint on plywood. Top VCE Art 2017-2018. ] Daniels was a student at Mount Lillydale Mercy College, Lillydale. Uniformity explores the overall similarity and lack of variation evident in everyday life. Emerson muses that the consistent likeness of each bin is symbolic of the alarming deterioration of original thought and a subconscious adherence to social norms. ‘Every household puts their bin out on a given day every week and repeats this process 52 times a year’. A subtle protest against suppressed individuality. Emmerson is influenced by Geoffrey Smart’s aesthetics in urban landscapes.

All though this work is clearly art, some of the other pieces included here are dubious. Some are located at well known street art locations, some decorated by street artists, some just make you want to laugh or make you wonder why is this here?

More examples are available on my Rubbish Art section. Way too trashy for me!

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“Is It Art?”

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