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Swedish visual artist Lennart Jirlow was born in Stockholm on April 24, 1936. In 1952, Jirlow went to Konstfack and was awarded the youngest student of the year. After Konstfack, Jirlow went abroad on a trip, and visited Holland, France and Italy, among other European countries. He settled in Florence for a couple of years, where he was admitted to the Accademia di Belle Arti.

After the first exhibition in Stockholm in 1958, Jirlow has mostly been active in France. Today, Jirlow lives in Provence, where he has a home and studio. He is mainly known for his colourful and naïve works, with motifs from restaurant environments, often Parisian in style, and flowering gardens. He has also painted several portraits of famous Swedes including Jan Malmsjö, Jarl Kulle, Evert Taube, Povel Ramel and Karl Gerhard.

  • Jirlow has acted as a scenographer and made scenography for the Spanish fly at Vasateatern (1982), Markurells in Wadköping at the Drama (1986) and Falstaff at the Royal Opera in 2008.

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