Nothing Like Passing Through Air When You Are Feeling a Bit Like ‘Head in the Clouds’

Passing Through‘ (2010) oil on canvas 91 x 116.5 cm

Taiwanese born artist Joyce Ho was born on 9th October, 1983 in Taipei. She received a Bachelor of Arts (International Studies), University of California, Irvine (2007) and a Master of Arts (Painting, studio art), University of Iowa (2010).

Joyce Ho is an interdisciplinary artist who presents painting, sculpture and theatre.  She has exhibited at the:

  • Kobe Biennial,
  • Museum of Contemporary Art, Shanghai,
  • Today Art Museum and Museum of Fine Arts Shanghai; and the
  • Asian Arts Biennale.

The images Ho creates through her paintings, installations or performances all have some disturbing quality, whether it’s the angle of the character’s head or the awkwardness of the distorted bodies. But in order to complicate these unsettling images, Ho uses strong yellow hues to create a warm overall lighting that emanates throughout the entire space to seduce the viewer with bright colours, while simultaneously confronting them with the damaged characters.

Above Image: ‘Picnic‘ (2010) oil on canvas 100 x 150 cm

Through her use of this luminescent palette and theatrically charged compositions, Ho works to create a decidedly feminine perspective that embodies her generation’s precarious state of unbalance.

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