This Berrie Fine Glaswegian Lass Must Not Be Extinguished

Above: University Cafe (2011) 24 x 19 cm from a series of drawings of Glasgow cafes.

Scottish illustrator Christine Berrie is a born and bred Glaswegian, living in the town of Bishopbriggs near Glasgow. The daughter of a draftsman for ICI Petrol Chemicals Division she was fascinated with her father’s drawings of pressure vessels and storage tanks during her youth. This fascination has led her towards a love of diagrammatic drawing, using graphite pencils. Berrie’s drawings combine industrial and nostalgic themes especially in her local shopfront work. Through her exploration of the everyday objects and habitats that surround her, she manages to find the extraordinary in the often very ordinary.

  • Berrie studied Bachelor of Art (Visual Communication) at Glasgow School of Art; and
  • Master of Art (Illustration) from the Royal College of Art, London
  • Worked in London for 7 years after completing her MA and then returned to Glasgow in 2009 working as a freelance illustrator.
  • Uses mostly uses graphite and colour pencil as well as collage work combining found imagery and photos with blocks of colours and textures.

Berrie likes to draw shop fronts often displaying a range of small objects. She enjoys typography and old signage and has many featured in her scrapbooks. She sometimes works at location but also works from photos and will expand on the image when back in her studio.

Below: Fire extinguishers (2005) graphite and colour pencil 59 x 40 cm from a series drawings for an exhibition at Pentagram.

Header image: Shop Fronts (2010) graphite and colour pencil 28.5cm x 30 cm. The London Magazine for Little Shop Awards.

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