Is a Room With a View Better Than a Room With Chairs?

Pictured above: “A Room With Chairs” (1972) charcoal on paper and canvas. 

William Delafield Cook (1936–2015) was an Australian artist born in Melbourne, who was known for his stark landscapes. He taught at the University of Melbourne. He had long divided his time between London and Melbourne. He died at the age of 79 after a brief illness in London on 29 March 2015, where he had been preparing for an exhibition.

  • In 1980 he won the Wynne Prize for A Waterfall (Strath Creek).
  • In 2013 he was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for “significant service to the visual arts as a realist painter of Australian landscapes”.

Above: Park Bench II

Interestingly, his grandfather, was also William Delafield Cook, who was also a painter and had links to the Heidelberg School of Australian painting.

The example above is least likely to have been part of his usual genre, but needless to say is intriguing in its overall composition.

So my quandary is, “Is a Room With a View Better Than a Room With Chairs?” – It might depend on where you sit, but for me it’s Sofa So Good!


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