A Child is Born

a-child-is-born-by-mrs-tun-jou-kuA Child is Born by Mrs. Tun-jou Ku (I-ching Ku).

I-ching Ku, was born ca 1915 in Hanchow, China. She was a well-known artist specializing in birds, flowers and Chinese landscapes. She became a professor of Chinese Art at the National College of Fine Arts, Hanchow, and Tunghai University, Taiwan.

  • She lectured extensively and had her work exhibited in numerous colleges, museums and art shows and at the World’s Fair.
  • She judged art shows and was an expert at authenticating Chinese paintings.
  • She is best known for painting wildlife on stone.

Her husband, Professor Tun-jou Ku died in 1998. I-ching Ku died at the age of 88, at McCandless, Pennsylvania, on October 26, 2003.

She is survived by her sons Andrew and Henry, grandchildren Charlene and Raymond; and great-grandchild Ronan; and in China by her older second brother, younger third sister and younger sixth brother.

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