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harry brookerEnglish artist, Harry Brooker was born in August 1848, near Regents Park in London and lived until September 1940; when he suffered a stroke during an air raid. He married Edmee Isabel Short (featured in the above work: “The Treasured Volume”,  Christopher Wood Gallery, London).

  • Together he and his wife  had six children.
  • Brooker was a ‘genre painter’, who portrayed domestic scenes, often of children at play.
  • He exhibited at the Royal Academy and other London and provincial exhibitions.
  • Between 1875 and 1920 he painted in excess of 120 paintings including portraits and still life. Many of these still exist in both private collections and public galleries.

After Edmee died in 1920, Brooker aged 72 ended his painting career.

Without his art, we would have been much more crooker, if we had not discovered the art of Harry Brooker!

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