In true Fassianos fashion I present Le Cyclist

fassianos - le cyclisteAcclaimed Greek artist Alekos Fassianos was born under the sacred rock of Acropolis in 1935. He is renowned for his work based on Greek mythology and Byzantine iconology artworks as well as artworks relating to shadow theatre. His mother was a philologist (who studied language in written historical sources) and who introduced him to the ancient culture and the French language.

During his informative years, Fassianos studied violin at the Athens Conservatory and later painting at the Athens School of Fine Arts, from 1956 to 1960. He then went to Paris on a French State scholarship during 1962–1964, where he attended lessons on lithography.  In 1966 he lived and worked solely in Paris and from 1974 onwards, he divided his time between Paris and Athens. All told, Fassianos studied in Paris for 35 years and received one of its greatest honors “Celebrities of the Officer of the Legion of Honor” by the French Ambassador Jean-Louis Delfosse; via the French Embassy in Athens.

His artistic figures are known for their voluptuousness and his use of luminosity of color highlights the sensuality and the immense pleasure he sees in daily life. His works from the 1960s were modeled on an “Expressionist” style and during this period his figures appeared to become grotesque.

  • Since his first Athens exhibition in 1959, he has shown more than 70 personal exhibitions in Paris, Athens, Thessaloniki, Milan, New York, London, Tokyo, Beirut, Hamburg and Munich to name but a few.
  • He was invited to produce stamps and posters for the Athens 2004 Olympics.
  • His works are exhibited today in museums and private collections in Greece and abroad.
  • Image featured above is: “Le Cyclist.”

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