A wee bit of humor for World Toilet Day

toiletAs potty as it sounds, there are an abundance of names for the daily activity which explains ‘the call of nature’.

  • Yes, whether it’s for a number one (aka take a slash, wee, tinkle, spend-a-penny, wizz, pee, piss, piddle, wee-wee, or the ever so hilarious ‘Point Percy at the Porcelain’ … to name but a few) and similarly for;
  • a number two (or a dump, a poo, poop, crap, drop, dung, muck, do-do, caca, shit, turd, stool, shite, Mr. Hanky (courtesy of SouthPark) or the infamous Bondi cigar, which some claim to have seen floating on the water at Sydney’s famous Bondi Beach!)

So what’s the significance of this? Well today, November 19, is World Toilet Day.

Let’s celebrate in the “smallest room of the house”, toilet, bathroom or lavatory, cloakroom, Powder Room, Ladies/Gents, Little Girls/Boys Room, W.C. (Water Closet), facilities comfort stop or station; to refer to it politely…

  • or in lesser terms – the bog, can, John, dunny, crapper, karsy, pan, outhouse, po, or head (if you are lucky to have one on your boat).

Although Mr. Thomas Crapper’s invention has been a flushing success,you may not be aware that a precursor to the flush toilet system was designed by John Harington in 1596.

But, on a more serious note, World Toilet Day provides awareness to sanitation and hygiene in poorer countries as many infectious diseases, including cholera and diarrhea, can be largely prevented when effective sanitation systems are in place.

  • For further information, go to UN World Toilet Day page.
  • They also have a link to #PoopForAPurpose if you want to be pooductive!

For other similar items, visit my F-Art or Shite Gallery page, which relates to toilets and toilet humor.

Excuse me, now while I pop out and ‘Powder My Nose.” – what a bummer!

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