Maybe MYMOnsters are your MOnsters too!

mymo great pieceMYMO aka Mimo Mali, is a multi-disciplinary artist who is a painter, illustrator, muralist, installation and animation artist from Berlin who has shown her work throughout the world in various galleries and museums. She has delivered lectures at a range of respected Institutions at art and design conferences including Pictoplasma Character-Design Conference (Berlin) and Semi-Permanent Art and Design Conference in Australia to name just two. She is also influenced by her North African roots by combining abstract forms with triangular and pyramidic shapes in colourful and vivid patterns.

Known also by her street artist name MYMO, she has a huge following throughout  Europe, Australia, the United States, Africa, South America and South Korea; where her work focuses on interaction and communication between different cultures. Her early work in the late 1990s sprang from both the hip-hop and skate-boarding scenes. MYMO can also be contacted via Facebook.

Her art style often shows a special sense of humor, sometimes cheerful or impish, or sarcastic in comment; such as her “Little Moon Monsters” or “Mymonsters’ which stand for her creations or creatures.

mymo MovidaThe Little Moon Monsters” up-cycling art workshop was one project that Mimo worked together with Sya Bengezela where they produced mixed-media sculptures. All proceeds from the sales went to SHACOs Little Moon Literacy Program for Children (aged 5-7 years), to help them get into Nyanga Primary School in Cape Town South Africa.

Some of her little spirits such as the “citizens of a fantastic parallel universe”, are meant to support interaction and communication in the urban context of the everyday, leading to a positive change in our world.

Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether it is MYMO(ment) or YOURMO(ment), let’s make it OURMO(ment) to pull together and make our world a better place for “All God’s little monsters and other great creatures!”

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“Is It Art?”

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