Lock, Stock and a Smoking Barrel

love locksFrom 20,000 to 0 in one day! Was the recent target for the Melbourne City Council bolt-cutting removalists, who have come in and taken the romance from Southgate Bridge which crosses the Yarra River; a bridge that for the past five years, was willing to ‘share the love’ with all citizens of the world.

  • As part of a universal craze, couples from around the world have the opportunity in many major cities to deposit and share symbols of love in the form of depositing ‘lovelocks‘ on various bridges around the world immortalizing their shared memories of their journeys and adventures.
  • So what are these lovelocks? They are your average lock & key which can be bought from any local hardware store or other outlets.
  • The rules for ‘locking’ are simple. After attaching the lock to the wire line of the bridge (of choice), accompanied by your partner, throw the key into the river.
  • This action represents the sealing of one’s love forever.

Despite the growing popularity for attaching lovelocks on the Southgate Bridge, the local council have decided they have to go; so loved-ups will no longer be able to ‘lock around the clock.

Lock On!

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“Is It Art?”

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