All I can say is … Serves you right!

CDHThis is a story of before… and… after.  I’ve got to say that I truly believe that the local authorities, be it local Council or Railway authorities (doesn’t matter who it is),  have a ‘knack’ at turning what was OK or ‘acceptable’ into a major debacle which results in the local community, as tax payers needlessly supplying their tax-earned money into some really dumb and expensive exercise.  Ergo, I offer the following:

Above, we have a delightful mural on a brick wall facing a railway station which is a multi-layered stencil by street artist CDH.  This has been on this particular wall since 2011 – (no mean feat!) However, someone, somewhere, obviously decided that it had to go, and with their great sweeping brushes and can of army-bush-green paint, it took that one fell swoop to remove this attractive, non-obtrusive stencil work  into a blank “green out.”

For them – it was “mission accomplished”… but wait… there’s more… Within 24 hours, it was transformed into a tagged monstrosity. What a waste of time and tax-payers money. What was once great art that decorated the wall has now been replaced by simple tags (see main header).


However, do not totally despair. On one of the upper stretches of the wall, someone has tagged it in black “Fluids”, so I’m guessing it might be some form of community reminder when in warm weather to remember to keep their ‘fluids up’.

What a mess – serves you right!

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