In the Old Days, Rising in the Morning Was So Easy

nichola bernard lepicie fanchon risingIt is the 230th anniversary of the death of 18th Century French Artist, Nicolas Bernard Lépicié. Born on the 16th of June in 1735, to husband and wife team of engravers; it is probably of little surprise that the young Nicolas would turn to art. He studied under Carle Vanloo, until his acceptance into the Parisian Royal Academy of Painting and Sculpture. Five years into the Academy he became Professor. His work was compared to that of Jean-Baptiste Greuze and  Jean-Baptiste-Siméon Chardin, who was a strong influence in Lépicié’s art.

Lépicié’s style covered historical scenes, portraits, or reflections of domestic life. When it came to using life models, he had a favorite, model who was Carle Vernet. Interestingly, she died in the same year that he died. Lépicié died on the 15th September, 1784.

  • The above painting is known as Le Lever de Fanchon (Rising in the morning). Painted in 1773, it is oil on canvas, 74×93 cm. (Saint-Omer, Hôtel Sandelin)

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