There are No No-Noes with Ohnoes

ohnoesOhnoes is an aerosol artist who has displayed his work around Melbourne on walls and galleries with increasing notoriety over the past few years.  Although well-known in the street art arena, he claims that he is self-taught and has no formal artistic background. Fascinated by certain facets of art at an early age, his interpretation of art was always based on his visual recall. As an example, everything he saw, he tried to replicate, just like someone does when solving a puzzle.

These days, as an aerosol street artist, he uses spray paint, and takes inspiration from interactions with people and artistic layers such as photography, textures, signage, music lyrics or found objects for his works. He has also received commissions to create murals, graphics and illustrations. A member of the Melbourne “Arts Hole” group he is part of a local ‘family’ of similar artists such as:

  • Chehehe
  • Unwell Bunny
  • Losop; and
  • Boywolf.

The artists of the ‘Arts Hole‘ studio (located in Caulfield), were invited to paint at the ‘All Your Walls‘, exhibition in 2013. Further success was awarded to them when they won a commission from the department store, David Jones; to paint a mural for the ‘Good Food and Wine’ week.

If you are interested in learning more about Ohnoes you can refer to: Ohnoes Facebook page or alternatively Aerosol art

Otherwise, if you are out and about, and find any new work by him, remember: the Ohnoes is on you to record and report it!

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