Let yourself go!

gene bilbrewI will apologize in advance, if you find this illustration offensive, however, I do feel obligated to cover erotic art amongst my offerings and ask once more – “Is it art“? This particular piece is from a 1962 cover of a now defunct magazine entitled: ‘Exotique.’

  • Known under various pseudonyms such as Van Rod,  Bondy, and Eneg (“Gene” spelled backwards),  Gene Bilbrew was the illustrator of this cover. Born on June 29, 1923, Eugene Bilbrew  was an American cartoonist and fetish artist. He began his career at the Los Angeles Sentinel, where he illustrated the comic strip series The Bronze Bomber, which was co-authored by Bill Alexander. He also wrote the series, Hercules in Health Magazine and did some freelance work for “Gypsy Witch Dream Book” and “Old Aunt Dinah’s Dream Book” for the Wholesale Sales Corp.

Bilbrew’s later notability came when he became a fetish artist at Irving Klaw’s Movie Star News/Nutrix company. He also had many illustrations published in Exotique magazine such as featured above. He died sometime in May 1974.

With all apologies to Bowie; If you’re a Gene genie “let yourself go! ”

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“Is It Art?”

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