Is she fishing for compliments, or just fishing on the Seine?

Italian born Impressionist painter, Federico Zandomeneghi was born on June 2, 1841.   Like his father and his grandfather before him, Federico was a Venetian-born sculptor; so it was of no surprise that he enrolled in the Venice Academy in 1856. Four years later, he joined an artistic group in Florence, where they concentrated on  “en plein air“, style, which focused on ‘the great outdoors’.

By 1874, Zandomeneghi had moved and settled in Paris, which remained his home for the rest of his life.  It was here that he engaged with the “Impressionistic artists”, who had just had their first group exhibition. Zandomeneghi’s empathic style related well to theirs, and through this group, he exhibited in four of the following ‘Impressionist’ exhibitions, from 1879-1881, and later on,  in 1886.

  • Both he and his close friend Edgar Degas were figure painters,  although Zandomeneghi’s earlier influence of landscape work ended up producing a more sentimental result than perhaps that of Degas’ characters.  Zandomeneghi,  unfortunately left us in Paris, on the 31st December, 1917.

The Image above is entitled: “Fishing on the Seine,” (1878), oil on panel.  Galleria d’Arte Moderna, Florence.

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