Tara’s a gem – no matter how you broach it

tara broochThe Tara Brooch  is an 8th Century, pseudo-penannular brooch from County Meath in the Republic of Ireland. Made from Silver gilt with gold filigree; amber and polychrome glass ornaments, it stands proud on display at the National Museum of Ireland in Dublin.

Numerous romantic stories abound concerning its discovery in 1850. The design and workmanship immediately led observers to associate it with Hill of Tara, or Teamhair na Rí, the legendary seat of the kings of Ireland from neolithic times (c. 5000 BC) to the 6th century or later. However, it was actually found some distance away on the coast north of Drogheda.

  • Incidentally, Tara is supposedly Irish Gaelic for “Queen.”

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