The Unconditional Love for Pavlov’s Dog

Robert Vernon - Pampered Menial - Pavlov's DogSo who remembers the 1975 Pavlov’s Dog album – Pampered Menial ?

Pavlov’s Dog was a prog rock (progressive rock) band and according to Mojo Classic (Special Edition) magazine: Pink Floyd & the Story of Prog Rock, classic rankings: Pavlov’s Dog “Pampered Menial” album came in at #26 in the  “Top 40 Cosmic Rock Albums of All Times.”

But what of the artwork of the album cover, with the dog sitting tethered to the wall? Well, it turns out that it was not an original sleeve design drawing but one from what would now be considered a drawing from an artist who died 165 years ago (as at  2014).

The artist attributed to this drawing is Robert Vernon who was born in 1774.  A self-made man, he became a London contractor and businessman and was also known as a patron of art and a fellow of the Society of Antiquaries. It was during the period from 1820-1847 that Vernon collected about 200 pictures by living British and European artists.

On 22 December 1847 , he presented a selection of 157 pictures from his collection to the nation. This collection has rotated over the years through Marlborough House; South Kensington Museum and the National Gallery in Trafalgar Square (which was later divided between the National and Tate Galleries)

Vernon died at his house in Pall Mall, London on 22 May 1849, and was buried at Ardington, Berkshire.

  • As for Pavlov’s conditioned reflex studies on his dogs – may his dogs be remembered for their unconditional love for humankind regardless of the unconditional processes they were put through.

For further examples of Cover Art see this page.

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