Respect! Who said there is no longevity in street art?

Mic PorterMic Porter (born 1983) was one of my first big head-turners in street art. In the past he has produced some mind-blowing street art of epic proportion, which is still viewable and untouched. Most of his work is only visible to those who travel on the train and tram networks around Melbourne.

Like many street artists, Mic started tagging and producing quick throw-ups before he began to expand into producing epic pieces. During his career as a street artist he has attended art school,  collected rubbish (is that being a garbologist?), and indulged in a little dumpster-diving.

He is mindful of his health these days. As a youngster he has been known to indulge in a little chroming as well as ingesting the occasional spray can fumes, which over a period of time can take its toll on one’s life-bearing organs. However, these days working in a foundry whilst bronzing, Mic is known to take precautions and wear a mask.

Many of his works still stand the time which is a major feat for any street art which can often suffer a very quick and transient life.

Mic Porter trioAs an example, this header and shown above is from a Collingwood installation which has run since 2007 and the other (upper left corner) has run for nearly 9 years around St.Kilda.

The fact that they are still there and have not been dissed is a marvel and an exception to most rules – Now that’s what I call respect!

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