Fair winds and following seas

arnold bocklinArnold Böcklin was a Swiss symbolist painter who was born on 16th  October 1827 .  His father, Christian Frederick Böcklin (b. 1802), was descended from an old family of Schaffhausen, and engaged in the silk trade. His mother, Ursula Lippe, was a native from the same city.  Arnold studied at the Düsseldorf Academy under Schirmer, who saw his immense potential and sent him to Antwerp and Brussels. It was here that he learned to copy the works of Flemish and Dutch masters. Arnold Böcklin later went to Paris and worked at the Louvre, and was known for his landscapes.

  • He died on 16th January, 1901.Painting is entitled: Meerestille (aka Calm Sea), 1886-87 at the Kunsthistorisches Museum, Vienna, Austria.

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Source: Phillpotts, Beatrice. Mermaids. Ballantine, New York. 1980
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