“Splitty goes to the snow!”

last-of-the-ski-bums“Splitty goes to the snow!” that’s my version of the title for this illustration, when I look at this album cover design. Does anyone remember the 1969 movie “Last of the Ski Bums“? I don’t. But, with an interest in Combi or Kombi culture, I’m more interested in finding out who drew the cover for this original soundtrack score for the movie. All I know is the music composer was John Blackely among others; art direction by Woody Woodward and a casual reference to – design by Ron Wolin. So, was he the album cover designer?

Does anyone have the answer?

This falls under two of my categories – Cover Art and VW Art. The header of this post is from Martin Wiscombe’s original postcard.

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“Is It Art?”

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