Benjamin’s been a busy boy!

benjaminA few weeks ago I was walking along one of my frequent haunts (my territory is huge),  when it started to rain unexpectedly, so I ran for cover and realised I was sheltering under an awning over-looking a recently adorned outdoor ‘piece’  – something I have determined as: “Man in Hawaiian style shirt”, signed by – someone who appears to be referred to as – “Benjamin”.

benjamin fishAbout a fortnight later, I happened to be about 2 kms away from that sighting, when I walked down a sidewalk lane and saw this particular piece. I suddenly realised it was by the same artist – “Benjamin”. What a find I thought. Followed by, “I wonder how many other pieces there are nearby”. A week later I went back – “Benjamin” was gone. It’s short life surprised me so much, I almost began to wonder whether I had really seen it or not!

benjamin-brollyAnother few weeks had gone by and I was well away in different territories finding out what’s new, what’s different, what’s disappeared,what’s been ‘dissed’, etc. when I decided to take a short-cut from the train station through a not-well known carpark at the back of a set of shops which my mother and I used to refer to as ‘the secret carpark’. So, for old time’s sake I decided to walk through the carpark, and low and behold, I found another Benjamin piece. I don’t know who you are – fancy letting me know?

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