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The Ram (and Two Sheep) There are some familiar animal themes running through various cities in Australia when it comes to their major city public sculptures. For example: Perth has its kangaroos and Adelaide has its pigs. In Canberra, the capital centre of Australia, it has a ram and some sheep sculptures (amongst many other sculptures in its Civic Centre). These bronze sheep/ram sculptures are designed by Les Kossatz (born 1943) and part of his work entitled “Ainslie’s Sheep” (2001).

  • His works were inspired by an early Australian pioneer, James Ainslie, who was a manager, employed on the large former local “Duntroon” Station, to look after a flock of sheep.
  • Over a 12-year period, they “flocktuated” in numbers from 700 to 20,000 sheep.
  • No wonder there is a well-known Aussie phrase which says that: “Australia was built on a sheep’s back” – May I say: “Baa none I agree“.

Another series “Coming and Going” (2002) is located in the gardens near the National Gallery of Victoria, in Melbourne.














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