Has anyone here seen Larry? – Part 2

larry latrobeLarry LaTrobe – by Pamela Irving. Larry is a bronze sculpture (c.a.) 1992-1996. He is still alive and resembles a life-size dingo-like dog in bronze. The first “Larry” launched in 1992, disappeared in August 1995.  He was never found. His most ardent admirer, Peter Killiner who owned the foundry where he was cast; offered to produce another one.

During the cold winter season, Larry is sometimes adorned with a guerrilla-knitted scarf to keep him warm, and when I see him wrapped up like this, and knowing his history, I can’t help think back to when he “disappeared” and how everyone at the time must have cried out “Has anyone here seen Larry?” which so, reminds me of the catch-cry from Terry Gilliam’s movie Brazil (1985),Has anyone here seen Lowry?” which actually referred to a marvelous Salford painter and for further details about him,  click here.

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