More Majorscule than Miniscule

Just finished watching another lovely France 2/Disney channel episode of Miniscule by Hélène Giraud and Thomas Szabo which bugged me until I remembered photographing these a while ago. You’ll find these insect-aside a building wall, overlooking a car park. The artist can be contacted via the following website:

grasshopperAs you might realise, it is not always a bug’s life after all, for, as we can see in the picture on the left, a grasshopper can be an insect, but it can also be the name of a famous cocktail (popular during ’50s and ’60s made from the liqueur  – crème de menthe). Which reminds me of a great story. A grasshopper goes into the Tujague’s, bar in the French Quarter of New Orleans, Louisiana (where the cocktail originated) and says to the barman, “I’d like to order a drink”. The barman looks at him and replies: “Oh, look at you! We have a drink here named after you”. To which the grasshopper, responds “What? Kevin?”

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“Is It Art?”

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