‘For the Meek Shall Inherit the Land’

MeekWhich is what The Bible says. Meek is also the name of a local stencil street artist. Meek (born 1978) in Melbourne specialises in stencil street art. He has hijacked billboards and used whea- paste and stickers.  There is a Chapter on him in Stencil Graffiti Capital (book) and works feature in Stencil Pirates by Josh McPhee, and Saskia Folk and Street Art Uncut by Matthew Lunn.

Meek is featured in the documentary RASH 2005, a film which explores the cultural value of street art in Melbourne. Meek is well known for his 2004 stencil entitled “Begging for Change” portraying a homeless man on a sidewalk with a mendicant’s cup holding a sign stating “Keep your coins. I want change”. It has appeared around the world on buildings and in the collection of National Gallery of Art in Canberra, Australia. (This version, sadly is no longer visible. It has been written over).  To see who else I have featured, please look at my Street Artists page.

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