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Mimby Jones Robinson (born 1982) is an Australian artist and creator who specialises in large scale colourful Godddess murals and street art work.

Mimby’s world is full of colour and it began in 1996, at the age of 14, when she picked up her first can of spray paint alongside her older sister and friends. In more recent times, Mimby has lived in the United Kingdom and in the Australian major cities of Melbourne and Adelaide.

  • Mimby has been exhibiting her paintings and street art murals for over 10 years throughout the UK and Australia. Her ‘Goddess’ paintings were exhibited at London’s N90 Gallery in March, 2017 for the second time.
  • Mimby’s street art is often created in Melbourne’s Hosier Lane, the streets of Adelaide and Elizabeth in South Australia, Sydney, New Zealand, Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and London. She has also collaborated with many international street artists including works commissioned for Adelaide’s Fringe Street Art Explosion.

Her work has been featured in Vexxed Art and Culture Magazine, French Arts and Culture Magazine Aesthetica, Melbourne blog Thirty Summers; and an interview on the Totally Wild TV Show.

  • It’s easy to recognise Mimby at work, as she adorns herself in rainbow attire and is never seen without sparkles on her face, glitter in her hair and a colourful flower headdress on her head.

Discover more about Mimby Robinson Jones at her Facebook page;
or for art commission inquiries email: or you can purchase Limited Edition Prints from Mimby’s Etsy Store.

My recommendation:

“If You’re Going to Paint Some Street Art,
Be Sure to Wear Some Flowers in Your Hair.
If You’re Going to Paint Some Street Art,
You’re gonna meet some gentle people there.”
[with apologies to Scott McKenzie.]

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