Adelaide Mallunnee’s Dark Art of Cover Art


Cover artist Adelaide Mallunee has designed music album covers for a variety of neo-folk and neo-classical dark art music groups such as Anima in Fiamme (as shown in this example from their “Sub Occasum Solis” album). For those who are not aware of their music, it embraces various styles ranging from the Renaissance period through to classical and neo-folk influences; with the addition of modern-day industrial sounding undertones  added to each track.

Mallunee has also illustrated album covers for musical artist GOR for both of his “Bellum Gnosticordian” and “I’ldabaoth” album covers. GOR aka Francesco Banchini, has also been Ataraxia’s percussionist for many years. (Left is: GOR’s  Bellum Gnosticordian cover art).  Featured image (in the above header) is from GOR’s album “I’ldabaoth.

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