When laneway art = gallery art

frankston gallery laneThere’s a place in Frankston, called Gallery Lane which has become a Frankston landmark. When  the Frankston City Council launched the initial project nine years ago; it was aided by various community groups to help beautify a disused Frankston laneway.  Many of the contributions were submitted by local students from the Monterey Secondary College, who helped brighten the dank and boring space with artistic street murals. A spokesperson from the local Rotarian group has commented that; the lane – now called “Gallery Lane“, had been an undesirable kind of place in the past to walk through in the past and due to the art’s project, people were now more comfortable walking through it. So, in this case, it has shown that “Gallery” (Lane) Art as “Laneway” Art has worked well within a local community and made a positive impact on the community’s spirit.

-Love those shades man!

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