A long-standing local stencil artist of great admiration is Ha-Ha. He has stenciled a great number of items around the walls. He also trades by his real name as Regan Tamanui (artist). This depiction ran in Hosier Lane for quite some time – great feat!


Nicky Winmar20 years ago, a young indigenous, Aboriginal football player made history in a stance against racism both ‘in sport’. A young Nicky Winmar and fellow Aboriginal player Gilbert McAdam came out into the oval for the match, some members of the other team addressed the two in a racial slur which embarrassed many team followers. As a shock surprise, Winmar’s team one, for the first time in two decades. In a gestures back to his detractors, Winmar lifted his club top and pointed to his bare chest. He shouted back: “I‘m black – and I’m proud to be black“. A sports photographer, seizing the moment, captured his gestures on camera and one of his photos became one of those “photos of a lifetime” always to be remembered once published in one of the daily newspapers.

New Zealand born street artist Ha-Ha, has recaptured this photographic moment with this stencil. I have seen more than one of these Winmar stencils around town. So, if you see this and wonder its significance, you will now, hopefully, understand the story.

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