Upcoming Student Art

crayon deepsea monsterChildren begin learning art from play school years, starting off with finger-painting, rainbow painting, marble-painting and before you know it, they’re bringing home their treasured art pieces for you to put on the family notice-board, fridge doors, etc. These are surely ‘treasured moments’. Here’s one that impressed me so much – I have given it the title of ‘early career recognition‘.

Of course there are also those ‘not so treasured moments’ when your lovely darling decides the insides of your entrance hall need a little excitement and you find crayon etchings and other masterful daubings on your walls, floors and doors.

dragonSchools and local community centres often allow junior school children to create painted or mosaic murals on their fences, walls and footpaths which is a wonderful way for children to express their artistic desires (better controlled than on the inside and outside walls and windows of your local train carriages or railway system).

Some senior schools put on annual art shows, showcasing the talents of senior and graduating students art work.  Here are some examples from St. Leonard’s College in East Brighton. In fact, there is an annual art show of all of the best Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) students display at the National Gallery of Victoria (NGV’s) Ian Potter Art Centre. The following are examples of student art from various schools and colleges.

Alycia Hayes

Alycia Hayes

angie tsonidis

angie tsonidis



ben burgess quarantine

ben burgess


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