Have You Met ‘The Met’ Yet?

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (aka: “The Met”) is located in New York City. It is the largest art gallery / museum in the United States and one of the 10 largest in the world. Its permanent collection contains more than 2 million works, divided among 17 curatorial departments.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art was founded in 1870 by a group of American citizens. The founders included businessmen and financiers, as well as leading artists and thinkers of the day who wanted to open a museum to bring art and art education to the American people. It opened on February 20, 1872, and was originally located at 681 Fifth Avenue.

  • The main building, located on the eastern edge of Central Park along Manhattan’s ‘Museum Mile’, is by area one of the world’s largest art galleries.
  • There is also a much smaller second location at “The Cloisters” in Upper Manhattan that features medieval art.

Represented in the permanent collection are works of art from classical antiquity and Ancient Egypt; paintings and sculptures from nearly all the European masters; and an extensive collection of American and modern art.

  • The Met‘ also maintains extensive holdings of African, Asian, Oceanic, Byzantine, and Islamic art.
  • The museum is also home to encyclopedic collections of musical instruments, costumes and accessories and antique weapons and armor from around the world.
  • Several notable interiors, ranging from 1st-century Rome through modern American design are permanently installed in the ‘Met’s‘ galleries.

If you have not yet met ‘The Met‘ you better get set to do so – for this, you will not regret!

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