It sort of cools the ankles, doesn’t it?

richard lindner - marilyn was hereGerman-American pop artist Richard Lindner specialized in drawing“super-women” and their armor-like underwear, such as the image depicted here entitled: “Marilyn Was Here: The Blue Angel Revisited”.  Ironically, according to unconfirmed reports,  Marilyn  never wore any knickers during the filming of Billy Wilder’s 1955 classic “The Seven Year Itch” which has the iconic scene of Marilyn’s dress rising over an underground air vent, lifting her pleated white dress; during a hot summer’s night.

Lindner, was born on November 11, 1901 in Hamburg, Germany. From 1924, he lived in Munich and studied at the Kunstakademie. By 1927 he moved to Berlin for a year, then returned to Munich to become Art Director of a publishing firm. He remained there until 1933, when he was forced to flee to Paris, and sought contact with French artists and earned his living as a commercial artist.

He was interned when WW2 broke out in 1939 and later served in the French Army. By 1941 he moved to the United States and worked in New York City as an illustrator of books and magazines. After seven years in NYC, he became an American citizen.

  • From 1952, Lindner taught at the Pratt Institute, Brooklyn.
  • In 1957 he received the William and Norma Copley Foundation Award.
  • By 1965 he became Guest Professor at the Akademie für Bildende Künste, Hamburg. (N.B. His paintings at this time used sexual symbolism of advertising and investigated definitions of gender roles in the media).
  • From 1967 he taught at Yale University School of Art and Architecture, at New Haven.
  • That same year, Richard Linder appeared in the second row on The Beatles’ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover.

Richard Lindner died on April 16, 1978 .  He was interred at Westchester Hills Cemetery in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York.

A relevant quote by Marilyn’s [unnamed character]  in “The Seven Year Itch” which relates to this image is: “When it gets hot like this, you know what I do? I keep my undies in the icebox! “

Cool, baby cool!

This post is classified as Erotic Art. For further examples click here.

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