Does anyone fantasy Gandalf?

The  brothers Hildebrandt were a formidable force in science fiction and fantasy art drawing. Twins, Greg and Tim were born on January 23rd, 1939, in Detroit, Michigan.  They began painting professionally in 1959 and since then, have produced illustrations for comic and children’s books, movie posters, novels, calendars, advertisements and trading cards. They are best known for their The Lord of the Rings calendar illustrations (1978) (see this header Gandalf ; and the first bilingual Star Wars film poster. On the upper left we have Dream Two (1974) by Greg, who is celebrating his 75th birthday.

Unfortunately, Tim died aged 67, on June 11, 2006, in New Brunswick, New Jersey, due to diabetes complications. (The image on the left is entitled Flagface by Tim). By keeping the brothers artistic journey alive, Greg has subsequently received the Chesley Award for Lifetime Artistic Achievement, in 2010.

  • If you think the guy in the glasses by Greg, looks a bit similar, you might like to compare this with my earlier post. Cool shades guys!

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