Find Kelly the Ghost…If You Dare…

green-ghost-gameWho remembers the Green Ghost game? I remember being “over the moon” when my older brother bought me this for my birthday! How cool was it to sit in the dark and play this game on a luminescent board. I remember I also had plastic bats, one of mum’s old black skirts converted into a cape and all sorts of wonderful ghostly paraphernalia which we used to use as a backdrop to add to the spookiness of the game.

The Green Ghost  board game came to life 1965. The 3-D luminescent board featured standing scenery and booby-trap dungeons,  whilst emulating the effects of a spooky town.  The dungeon pits contained all sorts of “horror” including  rubber snakes, plastic bones, bat wings and a number of hidden “ghost kids” (one of which is “Kelly” – the Green Ghost’s child).

In most board games you spin a wheel, shake a dice, (etc.). In the Green Ghost Game you spin a large Green Ghost who provides each player with the number of spaces they can move their pawn around the table. The pawns include: a vulture, a rat, a cat, or a  bat. Game players use trapdoor keys to collect ghost kids and increase their chances of winning. When all twelve ghost kids have been retrieved from the traps, they are placed in little holes on the Green Ghost spinner.  Here’s where the ultimate game of luck comes in. The Green Ghost is spun and when it stops, it points to its missing child – “Kelly”.  So of course, whoever put “Kelly” on the track, (at this point you have to remember which ones were yours, in this game),  you will win the game.

  • It seems I’m not the only nostalgic buff, for in 1997, Marx Toys produced a 30th Anniversary edition of the Green Ghost Game.
  • OK, so it is not traditionally “art”, but, someone was once employed to design the “Ghost” and layout of all aspects of this ethereal experience.
  • However, if you are a fan of the”Green Ghost Game“, please let me know.
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