Mousetrap is over 50?

mousetrapWho remembers Mouse Trap? This was a game originating from Ideal in 1963, so that means it is 50 years old!  First of all, you and your mates have to help build it; then it’s GAME ON!  and you have to trap your opponents’ mouse-shaped game pieces. The competition involves the players moving across the square-shaped path around the game board from the start until you reach the end.

As the game progresses, you might be subjected to build something or simply bop along the path in the attempt to rid your opponents of their mice. The ultimate aim involves the deployment of the trap  which begins with a crank which turns a set of gears. If successful, you manage to drop the cage over the cheese wheel and rid your opponents mice.

During the 1990s there was a revival campaign for the game which succinctly put it as this:

  • Just turn the crank, and snap the plank, and boot the marble right down the chute.
  • Now watch it roll and hit the pole, and knock the ball in the rub-a-dub tub.
  • Which hits the man into the pan.
  • The trap is set, here comes the net!
  • Mouse trap, I guarantee, it’s the craziest trap you’ll ever see.

Despite all that, it’s a cracker game (even without the cheese). So if you are ever given the chance, play it and remember to shout MOUSETRAP!

I wonder how many have been caught?

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