“You’ll never walk alone…”

Liverpool_FCIf you know this line, you are a true Liverpool Football Club supporter. I am one and recovering from actually being at a game last night where Liverpool played to a maximum crowd of 95,446 live fans in the one stadium in the southern hemisphere city of Melbourne, Australia. Many supporters came from all over the world to attend the most momentous event – the first time in the Club’s history that they had played in Australia. The town was abuzz for days and the chanting of Liv-er-pool and other songs from KOP supporters. How does all of this relate to art? It’s all in the interpretation – and personal bias – this one is mine OK?

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2 Responses to “You’ll never walk alone…”

  1. Terry Hill says:


    • maryannadair says:

      Hey, sounds as though you are ‘Scouse, or like ‘Scouse; and if you were one of the 95,000 strong, I’m sure you sang along to the likes of “Steve Gerrard, Gerrard…” as well as the anthemic “You’ll Never Walk Alone” – ay our kid!

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