For Serial Cereal card collectors

vita-brits angelfishCereal cards  or cereal box prizes were promotional toys or small items that offered as an incentive to buy a certain breakfast cereal. Prizes were found inside or sometimes on the cereal box. Here are some Vita Brits examples.

“Fish of the Oceans” Card no. 10 of 30. Angel Fish are tropical freshwater aquarium fish from the Amazon and Guiana.
vita-brits all-red africanButterflies of the World” – No. 4/30 shows an example of an all-Red African Cymothoe Sangaris, a member of the brush-footed butterfly range,. This is a picture of a strongly-coloured southern West African specimen which can close its wings and look like a brown dead leaf, when threatened, which protects it from its enemies.
vita-brits cheetah“Cats of the World” Cheetah (No.7/30). The Cheetah is well known as for being the fastest animal on land.  It can be trained as a hunter, but this can take up to 7 months of training. Regardless, they can run up to 70 mph but only for short distances.

For more swap card examples check my Swap Card page.

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