So good, they were hardly cereal killers

weet-bix cooks voyageBreakfast Cereal providers were once great at enticing  ‘lil’-uns’ to eat their breakfast cereal by providing a collector card. There was a big market between Kellogg’s, Uncle Toby’s, Sanitarium, and others. Most had cards, but some provided really groovy toys; and I remember badgering my mother to sift through the newly purchased packet of cereal to find the free card or toy and the horror on one’s realization that we already had that one. This illustration is from the 1970 ‘Captain James Cook’s Voyage of Discovery’ –It is card number 18/20 entitled “Navigating the Reef”.

At that time, I could not understand my mother’s total disinterest with our dismay of receiving a duplicate card within our collector’s  series, let alone our request to repackage the box, send it back to the supermarket and swap it for one which had a card within, which was missing from our collection.

However, back in the days of cards inside your Weet-Bix or “Weeties” box there were many card thematic series such as:

weet-bix earth&moon“Secrets of Space” Here we have exhibit  No.18 Earth and Moon. (Number18/of 20) At the time, if you were ‘mad keen’ you could also apply to collect a full-colour ‘Secrets of Space’ project poster. Send for it to Sanitarium Health Food Co.


weet-bix white egret‘Australia’s Wonderful Wildlife’ Here we have a card from the 1970 card series, (No.2/20). ‘White Egret’. The egret fishes upon freshwater lakes and swamps. The egret’s feathers were once used as decoration for women’s hats, but thankfully the egret is now a protected species and these adornments are no more.

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