RIP Dr. Les Erdi OAM

About 18 months ago I walked around the Banana Alley area and came across a hip gallery – Signal and noticed some interesting sculptures and installations around the Southbank, Sandridge Bridge connect and came across something called Les Erdi Plaza. Fascinated, I had to stop and read the plaque, to find out what this was all about.

signal2Now, sadly I have to report that I have come across an obit from the City of Melbourne  for Dr. Les Erdi (OAM) who died in late January this year (2013) . It reads: “Les Erdi was an extraordinary man who made a major contribution to the City of Melbourne over many decades… In the lead-up to the Commonwealth Games in 2006, he championed and made significant contributions to the Sandridge Bridge conversion. He envisioned and funded the Australian’s’ history project on the bridge which is a celebration of our cultural diversity depicted in 128 three-meter high etched glass panels.  A few years later this work was followed by the upgrading of Signal, a Youth Art Center on the north bank of the Yarra, run  by the City of Melbourne. His generosity to the City of Melbourne was acknowledged by the naming of the public space in front of Signal as Erdi Plaza”.

Obviously passionate about life, and art, and ‘putting money where one’s mouth is’ his involvement in art must be acknowledged. May his family cherish and commit their enthusiasm towards his art appreciation, creativity and life for evermore.

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