Simply having a wonderful Christmas time…

…waiting in queues. Supermarket, department stores, even outside to view the annual Christmas Windows display. For over 50 years parents have been taking their children, complete with PJ’s on, teddy bear’s crooked under their arms, sucking their thumbs, to see the spectacular annual Christmas event, the department store Christmas Window display. To all of those who help with the presentation of the theatre-for-the-moment, the artistry and choreography that is involved in the 3-D spectacular, known as the Myer Christmas Windows – I doff me ‘at!

Russells-sheepEach year, since 1956, Myer have dressed their windows with the stories of Christmas. This year the theme is Russell’s Christmas Magic with 3-D representations of Russell the sheep, his pals and their creator Rob Scotton. The story begins:-
Twas the night before Christmas in Frogbottom Field. Not a creature was stirring except for … Russell’.  Russell and his mates (frogs) help Santa out when he crashes his sleigh. Oh no! what a catastrophe!

myer-windowBecause these guys rock, just like Jingle-bell rock, I designate this part of my “The Good” in my Questionable Art category. One more time boys and girls “Jingle bell, jingle bell, jingle bell rock...”

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