May the sticks say only kind things about your fate

Fan Chan sticksFan Chan Sticks – (aka) Ancient Chinese Fortune Telling Sticks. What happens here, is that a set of bamboo sticks marked with the numbers 1-78 are placed in a cylindrical box and shaken until a single stick becomes separated and falls out. Once you know the number, your fortune for that number will be read. Here are two examples:

Fortune #7 – . “Alas today you’ve drawn number seven; which indicates few smiles from heaven; you go through life so very pleased; with what you say and how you act; but more attentive to others woes; will make you happier in fact; you will get involved with a mysterious woman. Answer to your wish – your wish will be denied”.

Fortune# 17 – “When seventeen your number says; look for many lucky dips; friends will flock around you; like the bees to honey; but if you want to keep them; never lead them away. A foreign woman is watching you.  Answer to your wish – your wish will be granted”.

Where do these sticks come from? They are named after Fan Chan who lived in a far away province in China at the same time as Confucius. There are some people who adhere to this that they don’t start their day without learning their fortune through Fan Chan sticks. (which reminds me of Luke Rhinehart, The Dice Man). I did see some western tourists using these at the Po Lin Monastery on Lantau Island recently. (Note: If you are ever in Hong Kong,  do take time out to see the Po Lin Monastery. If you like vegetarian food, they put on a great vegetarian banquet for you. (Although, once upon a time it was free, but on last visit, we had to pay. Never mind, it is still worthwhile).

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