Carnaby Street groover – baby

Twiggy-paperdollPaper dolls are collectible but they also fall under the title of art, as illustrators or artists are involved in the creation of the doll and its clothes.

Paper dolls are figures cut out of paper or thin card, with separate clothes, also made of paper, that are usually held onto the dolls by folding tabs. They may be a figure of a person, animal or inanimate object. Paper dolls have been inexpensive children’s toys for almost two hundred years. Today, many artists are turning paper dolls into an art form. Vintage paper dolls become rarer due to the limited lifespan of paper objects.

This image is of 60s fashion icon Twiggy who had a paper doll issued back in 1967. Booklet contained illustrated copies of the fashions she posed for in magazines of that time. After playing with some paper dolls as a child, I created my own and had great fun creating outfits for it, flared pants, floral pantsuits, big ring chain belts, suede fringe mini skirts, you name it. At that stage I wanted to be a fashion designer – only to be crushed by finding out you needed to know how to sew!

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