Ahoy there me matey

ship-in-a-bottleShip in a bottle – There are several ways to put a ship inside a bottle.

The simplest way is to rig the masts of the ship and raise it up when the ship is inside the bottle.

  • Masts, spars, and sails are built separately and then attached to the hull of the ship with strings and hinges so the masts can lie flat against the deck.
  • The ship is then placed inside the bottle and the masts are pulled up using the strings attached to the masts.
  • The hull of the ship must still be able to fit through the opening.
  • Bottles with minor distortions and soft tints are often chosen to hide the small details of the ship such as hinges on the masts.
  • Alternatively, with specialized long-handled tools, it is possible to build the ship inside the bottle.

See the Dawe Collection of ships in bottles in Dartmouth Museum. For a variety of glass see my Glass page.

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